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Lamp Seller (Real time)

This was intended to be my entry for the Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found Game Character Art (real-time) challenge, but I couldn't finnish it in time. Here is the link for my WIP entries:

The character design was done by Carlyn Lim. I tried to be loyal to the original concept, but I also put my own style, and I did my own reinterpretation.

Style, I wanted a realistic approach, with some styized air. Consistensy and storytelling, I wanted that each accesory that I put on her, was consistent with my own interpretation, so as I couldn´t get to much about it from the concept, I chosed an old transilvanian context for the stamps, clothes, leather parts and jewelry. For the face I did my own interpretation and design, trying to be loyal to my original idea of her.

Andres menza lamp holder 02
Andres menza lamp seller presentation
Andres menza presentation02
Andres menza lamp seller presentation face
Andres menza lamp seller green screen
Andres menza lamp seller wire
Andres menza text01
Andres menza beauty wip